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How it's made?

Our dough is hand made with quality ingredients using a recipe perfected by my daughter who recently graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with a degree in Pastry Arts. It is a special recipe, uniquely designed to cook perfectly in the waffle iron, and yes, it is 100% pizza crust. The dough is brought to the appropriate temperature and stretched to fit in our 7” commercial waffle iron. The irons are typically preheated to 400o. However the perfect temp can vary between 400 degrees and 415 degrees depending on atmospheric conditions. Once the crust is cooked to a golden crisp, the iron is opened and garlic butter is lathered over the top, then our original pizza sauce is ladled on along with a special blend of cheeses and whatever toppings you may have selected. Finally, a metal lid is placed over the pizza and the toppings are heated thoroughly while the bottom of the crust continues to reach what we call “crispy perfection!”

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